Sidana is a leading manufacturer of playground-use ropes and nets, and rope net made playgrounds in China.


Ropes, rope fittings and nets are key elements of the rope and net based playgrounds, from thread-twisting, rope-braiding, net-knitting, all the rope and net production processes are 100% done by our over 110 sets of all kinds of machines to ensure their quality. Our ropes and nets acquired all kinds of TUV and SGS certificates which related to breaking load, color fastness, eco-friendly material and so on. Daily production capacity of combination rope reach over 10,000 meters enables us to supply large playground markers, traders timely.


To discover fun and to create fun continuously is the greatest motive force to drive us to develop new playgrounds ceaselessly. Playground safety is a key principle to our work, all of our playgrounds are designed, manufactured, and constructed based on either EN1176 or ASTM F1487 standard, and we are equipped with related inspection gauges and tools. My company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, and advantageous products such as nest swing and climbing net playground obtained EN1176 certification.


We only focus on rope and net based playgrounds. We strive to become leader of this sector, and to create more and more interesting products and unending joys to our customers.


Pan's Play-2020
Pan's Play-2023
Pan's Play_Rope Connectors-2023


1.Business license.pdf
2.ISO 9001:2015.pdf
3. 1500h UV test of combination ropes.pdf
4. PAHs and Elements test of combination ropes.pdf
5. Breaking load test of combination ropes.pdf
6. Nest swing 1 - EN1176.pdf
7. Nest swing 2 - EN1176.pdf
8. Nest swing 3 - EN1176.pdf
9. Climbing net - EN1176.pdf
10. Nest Swing-TUV certificate